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Hi.  My name is Jennifer Gillam.  I'm the creator of love always, Mommy.  More importantly I'm the proud mother of two girls and one boy.  Being a parent gives me the opportunity to teach and mold my children into strong, beautiful, and independent people    As you can probably tell by the pictures on my site,  I have a great love for nature and the outdoors.  Each and every picture was shot on one of the many adventures my family and I have taken.  That' passion for Mother Nature is the reason one of my first priorities was to use environmentally safe and non toxic shipping and handling methods whenever I can.  I want everyone to have a chance to explore the wilderness the same way I did.  Of my many passions in life, motherhood has been the most rewarding..  The lessons I've learned being a mom have most definitely been the most profound inspiration in my creative work.  I am continuously creating unique pieces you can't find anywhere else.  To see these spontaneous limited creations, follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  My hope is that the passion I devote to creating these pieces is felt by the people who wear them.  Thanks a bunch for supporting a family run small business.

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